I get to have a sneak peek too.

She's gorgeous. Meet Fernanda.  She's a young married woman who works in my department. She is also a college student working on her Masters' degree.  She's a very busy girl between a full time job, college, and having a husband to pay attention to.   She has motivation, drive, and seems put together.

Sure, I don't know her struggles, or the times she wants to throw in the towel, but I see her strength and perseverance.

She's also sweet and kind.  She has a good sense of humor and a weak spot for memes.  When I spend time with people during sessions, I really get to take a sneak peek in to their personalities. What they like, what they don't like. How serious they are, or not. Their insecurities, and where they feel confident.

I like this little window I get into people's lives. It makes my job interesting and it gives me inspiration.

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