I want to be like a river...

I've been looking back on the recent years. There were some downs and some ups. Many, many ups.  The creative side of me was awaken. Then came motivation and drive.  I started living a dream that I had when I was a child.  I have not become bored or so discouraged to quit.

I have been discouraged, frustrated, broken hearted, and angry with photography.  I have also had encouragement, triumphs, joy, and awe.  Actually,  I have had more of the ups than I have the downs.

When I look back at the downs, I feel I need to use them, and embrace them for what they are. Lessons, opportunity, a step in the right direction.   How can I learn if I don't make mistakes?  What kind of person would I be if I thought everything I did was gold?  What kind of photographer would I be? Mother? Wife?

I'd be a person, a photographer, a mother, and a wife who doesn't grow.  One who stays stagnant and unmoving. Who wants that? I don't. Me. I don't want to become like a stagnant body of water  never letting the wind move me around.  I want to be a river that flows to something greater. The gentle glide down stream, the roaring rapids, the rushing of a fall, right down to something bigger and full of life, full of excitement and wonder.  To be what is known and to have a deeper unknown just waiting to be discovered.

I want to be like a river.

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