About Me

Hi, my name is Amber. I live in Lakeland, Florida and provide photography services through out the central Florida area.   My specialty is providing prints, canvas, and albums to pass down for generations to come, I call this heirloom artistry. This is the heart of my business.

Personal Portraits:

Though digital photography is the tool I use to create heirloom pieces, it is not where my services end for personalized portraits. I am a strong believer in giving my portrait clients tangible images that will not become obsolete as technology moves forward.

Other services:

Commercial Photography Services:

 Commercial photography is important for businesses to show their customers what they can offer. Businesses also need to be able to show these images through different mediums.  This includes online as well as print advertisement.   A bad photo of your product can cause a potential client to look elsewhere for something more appealing.  This is why professional photography is such an important investment. Businesses need to be able to mass produce print ads and to fill their website and social media pages with solid images of their business. I can help with that.


There are events in our lives that are important to document such as birthday and anniversary parties, homecoming,proms, and recitals. For businesses, networking and promotional events can be documented for future promotion.

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