Cherished Memories.

Summer of 2015

School is right around the corner. My daughter will be entering the 10th grade. Only three more years left in high school. Wow, time flies. I swear she was just entering kindergarten.

Kindergarten performance

My son is entering middle school! My little guy will be in his first year of the gifted program and entering in robotics.

Only a little while ago he was running around playing with super hero toys and pretending to be Spider man. It has gone by in a blink of an eye. 
May 2007 3rd birthday

I wished I would have started my photography when they were younger. Or at least gotten professional portraits done at least every couple of years.  However, I took pictures often with a my own little point and shoot. After 2008 I started using my phone. 

I think everyone should take pictures with whatever they have. I also think getting good quality portraits done is important, too.  I'm not saying this because I am a photographer and I am trying to convince people to book. No, I'm saying this because I look at my photo albums and most of the pictures are a little out of focus, grainy, and not good for large prints.  Some aren't as vibrant as they once were because I got them printed at the local drug store.  

The important thing I have to ask myself is do I cherish them? HECK YES I DO! These are my memories. The blurry, the grainy, the sharp and the clear. All of them are memories I get to pass down.  Take your pictures. Print them! Also remember to budget for some professional pictures as well. A professional session every couple of years would give you a solid album of high quality photos to look back on for years to come.  If a chain studio is more your style by all means, do it! If a custom experience is something you want, there are plenty of photographers in your area that can provide that, too. 

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