Little human beings.

Children, it's true what they say, they grow up so fast.  I met this girl several years ago when she was a preschooler. She is now 11. Wow.

My daughter is 15  going on 30 and my son is 11.  I remember all the cutesy little girl things my daughter did. Things that now would not fly. She does not like wearing pink or high heels anymore. She is now my Dark Princess.

When she was young she was always willing and aiming to please. She wanted attention and to make you proud. As the years grew on she started to change and become more of her own person. She's passionate about certain civil rights. She's OK if you don't like her opinion now. She doesn't aim to please so much as aims to not get in trouble. In some ways she has matured so much, while her humor can be a little ridiculous she is quick and witty. She has a lot to offer. I can't wait to see what she becomes. 

My son, has changed as well. He used to be strong willed and stubborn. It was his way or nothin'. He made it known that you "broke his heart." or "ruined his life." if he didn't get that cold hot dog or if you took his "sit down" (his seat).  Once school started he did a 180. He listened and accepted that he couldn't have his way. He became more gentle and willing to follow the rules.  He excels academically, sort of. He was tested this past year and it was found that he falls in to the gifted category. He does not make straight As, which I thought was one of the requirements to be considered gifted. No, he thinks differently, and his mind goes in so many directions at once. He's going to bring great things in to the world.  

Hold your children close to you. They really do "grow up so fast." They change and become different people. They grow physically, of coarse, but they grow in to their own personalities. It's amazing and wonderful to watch. It can also be scary in the world we live in today. We want our kids to be better than what we are, to achieve more.  We have to be there for that. I am guilty of being so wrapped up in other things, that I forget that I have two kids watching me and learning from me. As parents we need to show them how much we really love them. How proud we are of their accomplishments and pick them up when they fall. 

Let's be the parents we need to be for these growing human beings, after all, they may be the one who decides what nursing home you'll go to. 

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