Hopes and dreams of the future.

Isn't my senior rep gorgeous? I love shooting seniors. They are excited about the future, maybe a little nervous as well as they are planning out their next big step in life.

Many don't know what they are going to do while others have it all laid out in their heads.  They are the future. Corny, but so true. I'm a loans processor during the day, and I have to look at employment information for every loan. It's interesting when I get loans for people around my age. I get to see where life took them in the same amount of time that I have had already.

Some are very successful business owners, while others work for a corporation. Some are stay at home mothers and others are in unique fields.  Back in high school it was hard to imagine ourselves 10; 15; or even 20 years into the future.   We had our hopes and our dreams.  Some of us had our expectations on where we would be living, how many kids if any, and the lifestyle we would be living. For some of us it was a big question mark.  We spent the first part of our lives under the care and guidance of our parents.  What we imagined life would be like in college or off  on our own in general usually turned out pretty different.

I was a question mark kinda girl. Until I got married a few months out of high school. My awe and wonder of adult life didn't last very long did it?   Well, I'm still married to this man. People didn't have a lot of expectations for him when he was in high school. He was a party guy, who just wanted to have fun.  Then he joined the Army and for a time, his path was laid out. I moved to Germany with him, then Texas, and New York. When he left the Army we came back home to Florida.

I never thought I would have traveled like I did.   It's funny where life and people take you.  The only thing I would change in my life is picking up the camera sooner, but I'm here now.  I still have a day job, but I get to do something I'm passionate about as well. For that, I am grateful.

Where has life taken you? Did you have an idea of where'd you be? Are you happy? Happiness is very important. Don't just go day to day in a routine. Take time out, be who you wanted to be, even if it's just for a day here and there.  If you wanted to paint, paint! Make your art. If you wanted to just be a mom or a dad, are you taking time out of your work life to enjoy that?

As the saying goes "Live well, laugh often, love much."  Don't forget about what you wanted in life, it's not too late.

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