Childhood is almost over.

 Halloween, to most, is about dressing up, seeing friends, and eating sweets until we can eat no more. Halloween is a time of year that I really see my children grow up.  What they choose for a costume, and when they stop showing an interest in trick or treating or dressing up all together.

My daughter did not trick or treat this year, and this year may have been the last for my son.  My daughter went to her boyfriend's house to watch movies with his family.  I'm seeing her grow up and mature, it makes me proud and sad at the same time.

Before I know it, she will be graduating high school and off in to the world.  I remember being fifteen. I remember thinking I knew more than people thought only to know so little about life.

My boy's childhood is fading as he begins the firsts steps towards adolescents.  My little man isn't going to be little for too much longer.  Neither of my children were ever needy or clung to me a stranger came by. They were overly friendly. They had little fear of people and places.

They are a little more aware of the world than they were, but still so trusting.  I try to teach them that not everyone has good intentions, but at the same time teach them that not everyone is out to "get" them.

It's a difficult line even as adults.  We teach our children the best we can and hope they make it out in to the world unscathed.

As parents we need to pull them close, say our little prayers over them, and make sure their wings grow strong sending them off to flight.

I hope as they continue to grow that I don't forget that I was once that age, with my own opinions about the world. I hope to use my experiences and knowledge to guide them. I also need to know when to let them make their own decisions and go out in the world strong and aware.

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