Following your dreams.

I love being apart of important moments in someone's life. My sister in law just went off to Europe for a couple of months. Not for work, but because she wanted to. She is following her dream. She works hard and saves then she picks up and moves to another city or in this case goes backpacking in Europe. Visiting people she met while living and working in New York City, another dream of hers. She calls herself a Gypsy.

Her travels have nothing to do with me. I was, however, able to give her a special photo shoot before she took off. She was so lively and animated. She had her own ideas and the camera LOVED her. They way she moved, posed, smiled, and reacted. It was a wonderful shoot.

This shoot was downtown. I picked up an old suitcase and we went to the train station. There's a mystery to travel. Excitement and anticipation. I think we captured that.  I can't wait for her to come back for our next session together. I hear she may be bringing friends back...

We have to take chances if we ever want to follow our hearts. If we don't we may live a life full of regrets. It may not work out, but at least you will know that you tried, and will never wonder "what if?"

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