Make new traditions

A Quinceanera is the celebration for a young lady turning 15.  This mom wanted to do something special for her daughter at the age of 5, so she had a mini-Quinceanera.  She got the dress, tiara, the cake, and the party. I have heard that this has become a popular trend. I like it!

It's ok to change things up. Especially traditions. I have a weird tradition at Christmas time. After the tree is up and lit I lay underneath and look up. I don't know why, I just remember doing it when I was a kid. Now my kids do it, too. 

You can make any day special if you want to. It doesn't have to be a birthday, or Christmas. You can have a Sunday routine, or maybe every year around the same time you always break out the grill for the first BBQ of the summer, and invite your friends and family over.  Take the time to create special memories. Take pictures, laugh, love those who are close to you. We are never promised tomorrow, live life now. You only get one don't make it all just work and obligations sprinkle something special through out your time here on Earth. Leave a legacy. 

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