Bubbles, Baubles, and Wicks

A couple of weeks ago I did a product shoot for a company called Bubbles, Baubles, and Wicks.  They have hand made soaps, lotions, soy candles, bath salts, and so much more. They aren't your typical spa products. They are natural and have a theme. You could say it dives in to the horror genre.  Now before you shy away there's also not so "horror" products. They have an equality soap to support equal rights, Fight Club, a beautiful floral one, pendants and others items.

My first products were two soap bars with my favorite actor on them. Then I bought their lotion it has a quote: "It rubs the lotion on it's skin. It does this whenever it is told" from Silence of the Lamb. The lotion was thick, creamy, absorbent, non greasy, and smelled wonderful.

I'm hooked. The owner and I have developed a special relationship and I am grateful for that. She is a client, but I think I can call her friend as well. I love her passion for her products and her dedication.

Check her out. You may just find something you like. Bubbles, Baubles, and Wicks

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