Mike Yost of Mike Yost Photography hit's the nail on the head.

Mike Yost from Mike Yost Photography describes perfectly the service I want to offer my clients. This is also the service I believe every photographer's client should receive. "Every" is a big word,  I know, but hear me out.  Mike Yost is an advocate for not only providing a quality product, but a finished product.  This is a great read for photographers and clients alike. How much for a disc?

When I started my business last year I offered prints as a side item.  I did this because I was under the impression that though I wanted everyone to have tangible custom pieces I felt my clients would not.  It has become so very common that pictures are "thrown" on a disc with out further thought. I've blogged about this before, and I'm doing it again because it is important.

Mike Yost has taught me that selling or giving away a disc full of images is a disservice to my clients. Why? Because you do not get a finished product.  If I give you a disc and lets say you do go somewhere and get an image printed instead of tucking it away in a drawer. You get an 8x10, 16x20, maybe several 4x6s of your favorite image from the same file.  Then I go and print the same image at the same sizes BUT after prepping the image for each individual size. I can guarantee you that the prints I get will look crisper, clearer, and the way it was meant to be seen.  I also use a professional lab that caters to photographers rather than consumers. Unlike big box stores, prints are their lively hood. They have to produce a quality print or go under. The box store....they make you think they are selling you the convenience of printing yourself.

I said "they make you THINK they are selling you the convenience.."   You have to get in your car, drive there, find parking, walk to the Kiosk, load your images, shift through them find the one you want, move that red box to crop to that 8x10, uncheck this box, check this box, how many...then you have to start over again for the next picture.  What they are selling is paper and the permission to use a machine so that they don't have to pay someone to do it for you. After all that you get a photo that's "OK" because sure it's "high resolution" but it was not prepared for that 8x10.

When you order at your reveal/ordering session with me you tell me what you want and how many. I do the rest. If for some reason the photo comes in less than perfect I take care of the problem with the lab, not you.  A bonus, that print will be prepared for the size you want and it will look like it did when you saw it the first time. That is convenience. That is a completed piece of custom art.

So everything I just said, Mike Yost has said it better. Please read his article here.

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