The saying goes "Youth is wasted on the young."  High energy, curiosity, ambition, youthful glow, bright eyes...sigh, and most don't have the knowledge to use all this and more to the fullest potential.  We get older and we lose that motivation to live to the fullest and we fall in to a rut.  We get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Or maybe we have a busy life and we get up go for a run, go to work, have a lunch date, come home help the kids with homework, go to our kids performances and ceremonies, come home finish homework, maybe even throw in a meal in there.

It seems we go one of two ways, we have a boring routine or our time is so crammed with obligations that we miss enjoying it.  It happens as we age, marry, start a family. It happens if we are devoted to our work. It happens if we just sit on the couch watching TV every night. Either way it just happens.

We need to remember to take some time out and do something we love with those we love.  Enjoy the togetherness. We work so hard to have "things" we forget to enjoy the important parts of life.

Take a night a week or every other week just to enjoy something, anything. Something you don't "have" to do but WANT to do.

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