Is this the face of a loser?

No, not at all! This is my son. He is in a video club at school and last night was the county's award ceremony for audio and visual clubs.  This photo was taken after the ceremony. Again this year his school got nominated for a couple of categories, but did not take home a trophy or plaque, but look at his face. Not the face of a loser.

Several of the young students in his club would say "awwww" or "boooo" or "maaaaan" when they weren't called as the winner. It was sad to see. They worked so very hard this year. Getting to school an hour early and staying an hour and a half late almost every day.  However, some of the club members took the loss very well. My son included. Sure he was disappointed, but he handled it well.

It's normal, right? Even as adults we get upset when we don't "win".  It could be failing to get a new job, position, or we don't see success in our lives.  Failures are bound to happen, it's a part of life.  We pour our heart in to something and then when we fail we are crushed and disheartened.  It's tough, I know, believe me.

We need to turn it around. We need to understand that chances are most times, we are not going to see the results of our labor in the way we imagined.  Not all of it is failure. Even if it seems that way at first glance. Failures aren't failures if you learn something. They are called lessons. Failures give us experience if we let them.

Don't get bogged down, learn and grow from mistakes or unforeseen results. Sometimes it's a good thing if we let it.  One of my most recent "failures" ended up being beautiful. I was trying to get a little bit of sun flare. I did not get the results I was aiming for, but I got something I like.

Step back from a failure and find something positive. Maybe you can turn it in to a lesson or an experience.

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