Down Town Lakeland, FL

My challenge last week was "Doors".  I looked all week, and asked my friends to tell me of any interesting doors in town.  Well, Saturday I got up early and went downtown. I knew I could find something for this challenge.

I wanted to be different.  The other folks in my challenge group were posting beautiful pictures of church doors and barn doors. Gorgeous wrought iron handles; oh, I needed something interesting too, but different.

I went down a street a don't go on very often. I found lots of doors. I couldn't pick just one so I created this shot.

It's hard to be different. I can rack my brain for a while trying to be creative. It's one of those things that to some it comes naturally. I believe everyone has a creative bone in their bodies. Some only have one small bone, and others, almost every bone in their body is a creative bone.  I am somewhere in between I think.

I have to think about a project and prepare. I have to look at examples and find what I can do differently. I want to stand out and be unique. With a world filled with creative artists of all genres that can be hard to do! It can also be discouraging.

Sometimes when we think something is too hard we just want to give up and let someone else do it. That's a shame too. When we do that we have missed an opportunity. We cheated our self out from possibly doing something fantastic.

Even if it takes you longer than you would want, don't give up on an idea. It could become something great. That's what I hope to achieve in my work. Think about what you could do with the passions in your life if you are patient and give your heart the time it needs to explore.

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