I had my first day of Easter Minis Saturday. It was a great turn out. I had seen a photographer who had shot a young girl, probably a preschooler, holding a toy bunny by the ear. She shot her from behind at a low angle. It was  beautiful golden sun set photo. It inspired me. So I put my spin on the idea and came up with this.

Inspiration isn't trying to copy someone else's work. It's taking an idea and flying with it. Flying in your own creativity with your own ideas. We see similar work all the time. There is an idea that you can not take a picture of something that hasn't already been shot. It can be true, but we aren't talking about replicas. Have you ever looked at newborn photography? If you Google newborn photography you will see tons of photos of babies with their heads propped up on their hands. Is one photographer out right stealing an idea? No more than taking a a photo of a baby swaddled in fabric fast asleep.

The photographers have put their own spin on the pose. Maybe different colors, background, angle of the shot. So many combinations. They may soften the image, desaturate the colors, or add a vignette. It's still an art. It still takes skill and knowledge.

I, myself, am not a newborn photographer. It takes practice, learning safety, and having a heart for it. I do like portrait work in general though. You get to have different faces in front of the lens. Different expressions and personalities. I also like city landscape work. The lights, the buildings, and the bustle. I like the eerie calm on a deserted street.

Artists get inspiration from somewhere. Maybe it's from another artist either in the same genre or otherwise. Maybe from their own dreams and imagination. As an artist of sorts, I try to strive to create my own. If I'm inspired by another artist's work I want to put my own spin on it. I don't want to make a copy of what they already did. To me, that's no fun. Sure, it's OK to try things someone else has done to learn it, but it's really important to put yourself in to it. If you put yourself in to your art and in to your inspiration you will come up with something different.

Have faith and confidence in what you do. If it's already been done, fine, but if you dive in and embrace it you can make something that will be your own. You can do it all from a little spark of inspiration.

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