Keep checking for the light.

To stay where you're at or move forward, it's a decision we all make at some point. Whether we are talking about where we live, our careers, spiritual journeys, or our emotions. It's a conscious decision that is made in one's life over and over.

Tragic things happen in life. Things and events that make us wonder "Why me?" or "Why us?" and "Why now?".  I've had those events in my life. More than one. I'm sure you have, too.  It could be a death of someone close or maybe someone hurt you. Not just betray, I mean hurt you down to your core. Physically or emotionally, doesn't matter. A doctor told me that a pain we perceive in our minds  will always trump the physical pain we feel.

So, do you move on or stay where you're at? Why would we want to stay? We comfort others by saying "You just need time to move on." "You need to put this behind you and look forward." When we are in that dark place in our lives, when we are engulfed in sorrow and pain we don't see that light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us have this instinct to just curl up and shut down or lash out at others.

This is the time we reflect on life and if we can lift our head up high enough and long enough we can look for the way out. Sometimes we see it. It's small and dim. That glimmer of hope that can give us just enough spark to keep looking up from our own misery. It could be God, it could be a person, it could be our own will that suddenly tells us to get up! You can move past this. You will never forget this dark time, but you can put some distance between you and it. Start off at a crawl if you can't get up on your own two feet. Lean on someone and let them carry you. We are here for one another to enjoy the good times and carry each other through the bad.  If  you stay where you are, you will die there. Do you want to leave this world in such a state?

As I write this, I keep thinking of a particular family that has been through the gauntlet in the last few months. They have lost so much. None related to each other. They have had separate events after another that have been hurtful and tragic. I believe every month starting in December of this year. I want them to know that it's OK to curl up, it's OK to grieve, cry, and feel the pain you are feeling. You have to remember that you have to keep lifting your head up until you see that light. Even if it's dim. Light can get brighter. Not all light is a flame that can be blown out for good.  Keep checking for that light. It will be there, it may not be there when you want to see it, but it will be there when you need to see it.

Move, don't stay where you're at. Make new memories, show the love you have lost to someone else, and know that you are still here for a purpose.

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