A Calling...

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to shoot for a local music artist. Not just a music artist, a Christian music artist. If you've been following me on here or on my Facebook page then seeing me shooting music artists isn't new. However, this is different from the rest.

Eva Kroon Pike approached me in January about shooting the cover for her new single "Spoken For". She gave me the file to listen to. It is amazing. I was so in awe that out of the all the photographers in our area she chose me!  Now, for some background, her mother used to be my Sunday school teacher. So, she's not a stranger. Still, this was and is big for me. She's recorded some albums, performed with some great artists at great events, and has a strong love for God.

When I started my business I prayed that God somehow would use me to do something for Him with photography.  I wanted to show the heart of people. I wanted to show His grace and love in my work. No matter what I shot.

Time Out:
I know some of my work can be kind of on the dark side. In the dark side there can be light. For example, my creature artists, looking at their work some may think it's gruesome or scary and they are meant to be. It's the people behind the work that draws me most. Even though I do like all that scary stuff. (I like to see the good prevail over evil in a scary/suspenseful movie or book.)  One artist, I know for a fact goes to church, has a beautiful wife (one of my closest friends) and two gorgeous daughters. The other, I don't know what his religious believes are, but I've seen his family unit! There is so much love and goodness in them. I consider him and his wife friends as well as clients and I adore their three little girls. I've done shoots for both of these artists' families as well. You can see the love and grace of God in them whether they see it or not. Their jobs, their art, may not be what one would consider Christian themed, but I believe God has blessed them with talent, creativity, and skill. As well as the ability to follow their dreams. He's not done with them yet, and I know that no matter how amazing I think they are at what they do (and the amazing people I think they are), that there's something great in store for them.

Ok, Time In:
When I got the message from Eva I felt "Wow! God is in my craft and he wants me to do THIS!" I prayed and thanked him for the opportunity. I prayed that I did a good job. I prayed about the shoot off and on until we did it.  I love the out come. They loved the photos. I was very nervous. Yes, I consider them friends before I do clients, but I know they didn't choose me because they know me. They know other photographers in my area. They have worked with other photographers in my area. Eva told me that she and her mother, Gail, have been following my work for a while. Gail, said "I never knew you had that in you! Where did that come from?" I gave her the brief story of the "Why's" and still have to get with her to tell her the "Why now".  I invite you to check her out on iTunes and her website evakroonpike.com. She has an amazing testimony and a wonderful ministry.

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