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Meet Carol Davidson of Crave Fitness and Wellness.  A self proclaimed health documentary nerd, she has studied and trained in physical fitness and healthy living.

I visited Carol on a Thursday evening. She showed me her equipment and talked to me about future work shops she was putting together.

Weights, bicycles, rowing, balls, she's got it. Nothing is over complicated or overly digital either. Your sweat and determination seems be the main source of power here.

I had Carol show me a few things that she teaches her clients. Like I said sweat and determination here:

  I have also asked Carol to answer a few questions about her and her business for this Small Business Saturday spot light. Visit her Facebook page HERE to keep up with the latest news.:

Carol Hornsby

What year did Crave Fitness & Wellness open?

Why did you become a personal trainer?
I've always worked out and lived an active lifestyle. I love the feeling of being healthy and fit and wanted to help others who also want to feel that way but are unsure as to where to start. The fun of seeing people transform their mindset in just a few sessions and watch their confidence grow as they do things they never thought the could do feeds my passion for what I do as a trainer.

What has helped you the most in the success of your business?
Word of mouth referrals from my clients has truly made my business grow through the years. I've found that for me, advertising dollars are not well spent and hard to track real results. It really means a lot to me when my clients feel their experience with me is valuable enough to share with their friends and family.

What is the biggest obstacle of being a small buisness?
I love owning a small business, but the biggest obstacle for me is finding the time to everything! Beyond training there is a lot of administrative duties that are not my strength but I'm learning to ask for help from the right people!

Do you participate n American Express' Shop Small campaing? (If no, skip the next question.)
No. But I will this year!

What would you like to tell your clients and the community about you, your business, and small businesses in general?
To my clients I say Thank You! I couldn't exist and continue to grow without your loyalty and referrals. To folks in the community who may not know what I'm about I would love for you to experience a complimentary workout with me and find out for yourself. My goals as a business owner is to connect with you on personal level and get in to your soul and help you stretch beyond your perceived limits and celebrate with you as your reach your goals, however big or small they may be.

Any final thought you would like to share?
I always encourage my clients to embrace where they are and look ahead to their goals with optimism and success. Fitness and wellness is a life long journey. It starts with small changes over time an the end results are life changing!

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