Breakfast AND a night life at one place? Yep! On the corner of Lemon and S Kentucky Ave in downtown Lakeland is a restaurant called Fresco's.  Walk through the double doors on the corner  enjoy a different kind of experience.

Somewhat on a regular basis I call in my breakfast order on the way in to work.

"Thank you for calling Fresco's this is Jordan."
"Hi, Jordan, it's Amber."
"I gotcha, Amber, see ya in a few."

That quick phone call is me placing this order:

The meat lovers platter, no eggs, home potatoes, biscuit, butter and strawberry jelly.

Some may say I just have no variety in my life, or maybe I order too much. How about, they care enough to know my order.  I have gone over a month at times (ouch I know, but I can't indulge every week), and yet it never fails that they know what I want and how I want it.

Ooo, breakfast is awesome and all, however what about lunch? Yum. I like the loaded quesadilla and the Monte Cristo.

I did mention a night life, right? How about live music, and an upscale dining experience? Try the California egg rolls, my favorite appetizer.

Now we have to talk about Fresco's Speak Easy...Fresco's Underground. This venue is awesome for parties and live music.

                                                                          Open mic night

 Fresco's hosted an event to celebrate Sinatra's 100th Birthday

Also check out Heavy Hitter events at Fresco's featuring local music artists and Moxie the local burlesque show.

Get to know more about Fresco's and owners Tina and Tim Calhoon on their website and don't forget to follow them on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

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