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Suited up and ready to go. Don't I look cute?

Yesterday I went paintballing for the first time. It was hot, exhausting, painful, and so much fun! I went with co-workers of mine. We all laughed, trash talked, and shot at each other. We worked together in teams using strategy and trust.  It was a good team building experience, though it was set up purely for fun and stress release. 

Working with others can be great and it can be difficult.  There are leaders and there are supporters, but we are all team mates. Sometimes to get the job done you have to really be in tune with one another. 

In photography it appears photographers work solo. That really isn't always the case.  First, as you're learning you are learning from those who have walked the path before you.  I myself, learned (and am always learning) from several outlets.  I read tutorials, take classes, watch videos, and learn from others locally and from all over the world through online groups.  I also play, work, and consult with local photographers. Finally, I work with my clients. A photo session is a team effort on both fronts. You and your photographer have to be a good fit.

It can not come down to price alone.  Meeting your budget shouldn't be the only priority.  One needs to consider style, quality, and the ability to understand each other and communicate.  If you and your photographer have a hard time understanding each other, then it will be harder for your desires and needs to be met.  Budget is important, don't get me wrong, there are photographers for all budget types and clients for all levels and types of photographers. However, whichever photographer you choose, you need to be a good fit. A well rounded relationship needs to be built.  When you sign a contract for a photography session you are saying "I trust you."  Trust is huge.  My clients are trusting me to capture them and their family in the most flattering and pleasing way.  My goal is to create custom wall art highlighting the beauty and personality of my clients. 

In order to follow through with my clients' expectations I have to be able to communicate with them. They have to feel comfortable around me and vice versa.  My children, would not be my ideal client. They grow weary of me taking pictures of them.  They no longer enjoy the attention they get from the photographer they call mom.  So when I make them my subjects on a day they aren't "feeling" it, I typically get this:

They do not look happy. I did get some great shots that night, but by the end, they were done.  When they have the desire to work with me the end product comes out so much better.  This shot of my daughter was her idea. She wanted it, and when I saw it, I wanted it too. 

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