The power of Makeup and Photo Editing

This is an experiment that has been done before, but never on myself. I am doing a 52 week challenge and the first week is self portrait. I wanted to see what the power of make up and photo editing could do. This is one photo, I really am this asymmetrical, with only half of my face with makeup and edited.

What a difference! I like the right side better, don't you? Well of coarse I do. My blemishes are gone, my skin is smooth and even. My hair even looks better!  This is how I want to see myself, the right side, anyways.  This photo makes me feel better when I thumb through magazines. I know the power of make up and creative photo editing, and now you can see it too, on a "real" person.  Don't compare yourself to those glossy pages with those thin flawless models. They don't look like that in real life I promise. They have their good days, bad days, and their polished portrait days.


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