I'm not going to take myself so seriously...

Some people are natural at posing and taking direction. This young lady is a natural. She stood and turned the way I instructed her. Some people feel awkward. By some people I mean me. I used to feel awkward when posing myself.

I'm a photographer and I feel awkward in front of the camera. There I said it. I am not a natural. I always joke "That's why I'm behind the camera."  I now let myself be photographed more. Even when it's unflattering. There's a few photos of me floating around on Facebook taken by another photographer at an event down town that are very unflattering.  He asked if he could take my picture and I shot up a "peace" sign stuck my hip out and smiled.

He took a couple more. I didn't think anything of it until I saw that picture on Facebook. Someone who saw it tagged me. I laughed thought it was funny and shared it. After I shared it I saw it. Big huge sweat stains under my armpit. My double chin was out there in all it's glory also. UGH Instantly I thought I need to delete that!!! ...but I didn't.

I edited the caption from "Somebody caught me." to "Somebody caught me, obviously it was hot".  You have to let go of perfection. I can't pull off this young lady's soft gentle style. I'm not thin and youthful. My hair is thinner, there's a few more pounds hanging around. However I do not wish to pass on my insecurities down to my own children. Sometimes you need to lighten up and laugh at yourself.

If I didn't my children and grandchildren wouldn't have hardly any pictures of me. I want to be remembered. I'm not going to be afraid of not looking attractive enough, or thin enough, or in this case dry enough. I'm going to laugh it off and not take myself so seriously.

Photo courtesy of Maurice Cheeks of Blankskriptz Filmz

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