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So, I've been going to this little joint, Preservation Hall, located downtown on Saturday nights. I've been going to shoot the live music for a couple of months now. I thoroughly enjoy it. The atmosphere, the beat, the whole experience of live music without the crowd of a stadium or auditorium.  I'm supporting the local artists. They pour their hearts in to the music. You can feel it. The people are having a good time, the artists are laughing and joking with the audience. It's an experience.  
This particular band, moved and grooved. The Detectives. They are from Lakeland, and I never heard of them before. I listened to their music before the show. Loved the sound. I was surprised that they had someone with a trombone. I should have realized it, when I listened, but I didn't for some reason. I sing at church.  I'm a soprano, I do solos from time to time, but that's as far as my knowledge of music goes. These local artists hold regular day jobs, have families, some may have children, like me.  I'm a local artist. Just different. They make you feel the music. They have a happy-go-lucky vibe that just moves right through you. Makes you want to dance and sway to the beat. My challenge is trying to portray that visually.  You can't hear them when you look at my photos, but I hope you can see the emotion, and love of music they have in my little shutter releases. 
I strongly suggest you check them out, and other artists (not just music) in your area. You may be surprised by the talent that surrounds you.

Special Thanks to: The Detectives
and Heavy Hitter (They book the bands)

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