Give a little, take a little.

At one point I was taking my daughter's portraits almost exclusively during a slow season.  She was more co-operative and followed direction more easily, compared to my son.  He would always get distracted and act uninterested. So I had to come up with something. I had remembered that one shoot I did with him I let him dress in a cowboy hat and he was more easy going. First I did a Gangster shoot, then I posted on Facebook asking my friends if they had any other ideas. One friend suggested Steam Punk, and the Steam Punk shoot was born. I had a photographer friend who jumped in and wanted to help and as a team we pulled off a great shoot. You should check out his work Jervaris Kirkland Photography

Sometimes we have to compromise to get what we want.   We do it all the time in our marriage, with our kids, and friends. We give and take. It's when the give and take scale tips that compromise becomes being taken advantage of. It can be annoying, and sometimes it can be hurtful. You feel used and under appreciated. If you've been hurt really bad, you may want to change how you see people and not trust anyone. Don't do that. Being burned sucks. I get it, but if you stop trusting people you will miss out on meaningful relationships.  Relationships of any kind are based on trust. You trust your spouse to treat you well, your parents to always support you, your doctor to do everything he can to keep your healthy and your accountant to balance the books correctly.  

You will get burned from time to time. Just watch the red flags (you know they are always there) and try to minimize the damage before you get hurt too badly. Let people earn your trust and earn theirs. Don't miss out on the good things people have to offer. Guard yourself but don't build a wall with no gate.

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