I was talking to another photographer about trading services. I needed some portraits of myself and was joking around about how they needed to be flattering. She said "Oh, I know, I hate pictures of myself because that's not the way I see myself."

That made me think. I see myself in the mirror everyday, however when I look at pictures it seems I only resemble what I see in the mirror.

"Geez, is that really how I look?" 
"Am I really that fat?"
"Are my eyes really that squinty when I smile?"

Yes and no. When I'm putting on makeup and doing my hair I'm not smiling and I only see myself from the chest up. So, yes that one eye is more squinty than the other and I could use a salad or two in my diet. My daughter has her own self image. When I do photos of her and she gets to dress edgy she's receptive, excited, and involved. When I make her dress more light and soft she's often resistant, goofs around, and doesn't take the shoot seriously. She looks gorgeous either way, but you can see her confidence more when she's wearing something more her style. 

I noticed a lot of photos of me that I don't like are snap shots by other people, usually unexpected until they aim the camera my way. I tense up I don't think about posing myself in a more flattering way. I just smile and wait for it to be over.  I've noticed that the photos I like are the ones of me where I was prepared. I dressed more flattering, posed and moved my head to show off my strong areas and minimize my weak areas.

Self image is forever changing. 
We shouldn't get hung up on all the photos we weren't dressed the way we feel the most attractive in or were prepared for. Have fun in life, don't get hung up on how you imagine yourself, just BE yourself.

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