Photo Folding Tray

I decided to be crafty today and made my mom and my mother-in-law these photo folding trays for Mother's Day.

Here's my how to:

What you'll need:

Folding tray (I found mine at Walmart for under $9)
Mod Podge ( I used gloss instead of matte)
sponge brushes

First lay out your pictures anyway you see fit. I didn't do much cutting to mine, but that doesn't mean you can't cut out any shapes you want. I also tucked photos behind each other to add interest. Be creative until you find an arrangement that you love.

Once you've found your placement, take a picture just in case you have to move any aside while you adhere the photos to the tray.

Carefully use a small sponge brush to apply the Mod Podge to the back of the photo. Make sure each photo is adhere to the wood, not just another picture that is partially tucked behind.

After all the photos are in place, take a large sponge brush and apply Mod Podge evenly over the photos.

You may need to apply a few coats.

It took me about a half hour for each tray, not including dry time. Give the Mod Podge a couple of days to set before using. I plan on spraying a clear coat once my tray is set. I'll update this blog post with the results.

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