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Adriana owner of Drica's Favorites

The first time I met Adriana it was a bitter cold morning in front of the Auto Owners Building at 2710 W Memorial Blvd.  There was a line. A long line for such a cold morning.  My husband and I hung back a little bit so I could meet with her and talk about my Small Business Saturday blog project. I watched as people came up in to line waiting their turn. Everyone knew what they wanted it was clear they were regulars. No one seemed to mind the cold.

Specialty Coffee Boutique is right.

Drica's Favorites serves espresso, lattes, tea, and sweet treats such as cookies.  There's also cheesy chips, cheese breads, cakes and more.  This little truck has a variety,  It used to be that when I thought of eating off of a food truck that greasy burgers, hot dogs, and corn dogs would come to mind. Not here. The coffees and pastries are of coffee shop quality. I would expect these items from a brick and mortar store front. 

Espresso Shots ready to be mixed with your favorite flavors.

 Yummy  guava cookies

I had a good time meeting with Adriana and I asked her to share her story. Check her out on Facebook at Drica's Favorties and her website Dricas-favorties.com

Names of the owners of Drica's Favorites: 
  Adriana Mellas
 What year did Drica's Favorties open? 
 March 22nd, 2013
Why coffee and treats?  
  Growing up in Brazil, I have witness the magic of coffee. how it connects people, breaks the ice, closes business deals, inspires artists. At home, whenever a guest would arrive, the first thing to ask is if they want some coffee  and with that comes a bowl of homemade delicacies, my grandmother would make daily!!
As an adult, I was able to experience the coffee magic in a business setting, managing coffee shops in NYC. 
So, Coffee has followed me and I have followed the coffee. I often say: "Trust the coffee" and it is true. A great cup of coffee does wonders... It awakens your senses, it inspires, it relaxes you, energizes, it starts friendships, partnerships, books, biz plans...
I LOVE sharing my grandmother's treats  with my guests. It is rewarding to see how much they enjoy.  
What's special about your coffee and treats?   
We only offer specialty coffee. which is determined as the highest quality of beans grown at micro climates. Its quality continues throughout its journey: soil, altitude, growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing.
The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) qualifies specialty coffee as beans that score 80 points or above on a 100-point scale. Specialty coffees are grown in special and ideal climates, and are distinctive because of their full cup taste and little to no defects. The unique flavors and tastes are a result of the special characteristics and composition of the soils in which they are produced.
So, All this translate in a cup of coffee that offers consistency in flavor. Our fresh brewed coffee has a round, balanced body, phenomenal flavor, great aroma and pleasant aftertaste. There is no need to add anything to the coffee
Our espresso beverages are handcrafted. We dial/calibrate the grinder throughout the day, we control the time of the espresso and the temperature of the milk. Our milk is properly steamed at the right temperature. 
All this translate in a beverage that is creamy, warm and with great coffee flavor.
Most of our treats are literally from my grandmother's book. you cannot "google" some of these recipes:-) like the cheese chips, guava cookies, yucca cakes or even the cheese bread. There are other recipes out there but non like ours:) I grew up enjoying them and they pair perfectly with coffee. 
I also grew up sharing them with our guests, family and friends so for me to serve them to our community, it is all very natural. I have done for over 30 years.
What has helped you the most in the success of your business?   
 I have trusted the coffee and my grandmother's taste in treats:-) with that, the support I have received from our community and my family it is IMPOSSIBLE TO describe. 
I often find myself giggling when a new guest arrives at the truck and the other guest is waiting for a drink. We do not even need a menu. Our Ambassadors, do an INCREDIBLE job describing EACH SINGLE item to the new guest. the treats, the coffee, the fact we make our caramel sauce from scratch, that we make fresh whipping cream.
I do not have sign on our pastry display and I don't even think I need anymore. IT is absolutely THE BEST PART OF THE DAY to witness our LOYAL AMBASSADOR describe our products.
so. I'd say: Drica's success = Great cup of coffee + grandmother's treats + family + Lakeland + being genuine & kind
What is the biggest obstacle of being a small business?    
There are soooo many!!!!!! While you are starting-up you think you have it under control and you will have the ability to have the human resources to assist in all aspects. once things start happening, you wear most of the hats, most of the days so to keep systems in place, to stay focused on your plan and vision and also keep your eyes on both short and long term goals.
Why is the support of small businesses so important?   
Small businesses are the heart beat of every community. EVERY DAY our guests, a lot of them small biz owners come for coffee and we often share our experiences keep the circle of life. A lot of my stops are at local small businesses and it fascinates me how they succeed, how their structure, commitment to excellence and to their customers, desire to excel and their humbleness all keeps the wheels greased as a community.
It is absolutely the circle of life, a sisterhood, a boomerang of loyalty, self-driven personalities, determination and resilience.
What would you like to tell your customers and the community about you, your business, and/or small businesses in general?   
All of the above:-)

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  1. This sounds delicious. Never heard of them. Will have to check them out.


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