Let loose and just play in the rain.

A few weeks ago I had a model shoot. I got the models, assistants, and had two photographers with me. We were going to use a speed light, reflector, and we were going to work w/ small children.

Well, it started raining as soon as the first model arrived. Oh! I was so disappointed, but we were all there. Instead of packing up and rescheduling, we decided to go with it. The assistants I hired held the reflector as cover for the photographers, we were all getting wet, and we had fun.

We just let loose, and played anyways. We didn't get all the shots we wanted, but that's OK. We didn't let a sprinkle ruin our afternoon. Sometimes you just have to roll with it. Nothing will always go as planned. It's life, it's unpredictable.

Roll with the punches when you can, look for opportunity. You may still be let down, but you may be surprised as well.

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