Time Out

         Taken near the power plant at Lake Parker on date night.

This week's date night was spent getting taxes done, a trip to hobby lobby, and a quick shoot at Lake Parker. My husband was a trooper.  Sometimes we go out to dinner or find something simple to do like go to the bookstore.

As long as we are spending time with one another it doesn't matter what we do. We are trying to take a time out. Away from work, the kids, and my computer. I spend a lot of time here. He missed me so he created date night and family night.

I can be an impulsive and obsessive person. Especially when it comes to photography.  Sometimes I live, eat, and breath it. OK, pretty much all the time. I'm surprised my friends still talk to me. I always talk about it or the business. I can't help myself.  I am so grateful they still talk to me. I get set on something, a shoot, a photo, a method of shooting or technique in editing. I just want to soak up EVERYTHING.  If I see something I want, and the money is in the bank, I snatch it up, especially if I'm getting a deal on it.

Sometimes we have to take a break from it all, and reconnect with those we love. The ones that put up with us when we are so involved in our own little world.  I need that from time to time. Coming up in May my husband, a friend, and I are going to a convention.  We're going to get autographs and meet celebrities, party, chill out, and have a great time. Granted, I do have a photo shoot scheduled for a vendor ( a wonderful and supportive person, I might add) on Saturday....and I will be taking TONS of pictures, but it's still a time I'm going to step away and relax.

Take a time out. Be involved in ALL aspects of your life. Not just a passion you have. Your passion doesn't have to be all you are. I tend to forget that. I'm glad there are people in my life that don't let me stay too deep in my own little world.  Stay connected. Face to face.

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