Happy Birthday to me.

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm another year closer to 40. That's big for me.  I have been married for over 16 years. My daughter, who is a millennium baby, is a teenager and my son is a decade old. 

As a teenager when I would day dream about my adult life I never pictured my 30's. I never really imagined where I would be in my life. Back then I was sure I didn't want to be a mother, and marriage was not important to me. Then I graduated.  The day after I graduated I met David, my husband. A year later I was living in Germany, married to a soldier and just found out I was pregnant after only two months of trying to conceive.  

Now, I'm turning 36. It's not old. I just can't believe how fast I got here.  So far I've had some good times, really good times. I've also had some really bad times and then those times in between. The ones that are fuzzy and we don't seem to remember so well.  They fill up most of the years.  That's probably one reason I like photography so much. I don't want so much time in between to just be, well, in between good and bad. Maybe if I take enough pictures during those times I can throw them in to my good times because I'll remember them.  Like that time I went to Old Town with two very close friends.  We went on the Super Moon for the special theme of the haunted house. One of my friends, screamed, a lot.  We ate at the A&W and spent way too much money on what's considered fast food.  We looked in all the little shops.  We really liked the Black Market. They have lots of stones and crystals. They have earrings, necklaces, and trinkets.  We laughed so much that night.  On the way out I took this photo of the carousel.  After I took it the lights shut off. It was closing time. It wasn't a night that I thought I'd remember forever. It wasn't the day I got married, or had my children, or moved in to my first home. Now because I have one of my favorite photos from it it will be harder to forget how special that night was.  Three good friends letting off steam and connecting.  

I hope I will be able to capture more moments with them and with my other friends and family that are so near and dear to me.  I hope that more of my "in between" times become good times. Good times to reflect on and cherish. Even if I have to look at a photo to remember it.

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