First Blog Post

Getting my profile picture shot (for this website) is kind of like this first blog post, it is out of the norm for me.  I LOVE being behind the camera and I love it when my clients are comfortable in front of the camera.  Some people enjoy being in front of the camera, you know who they are, they change their profile picture on Facebook every couple of weeks, and there is at least one selfie every day.  I am not one of them.  So why not just take a lovely photo of a beach sunset or a black and white of my camera for my “About your photographer” page and just run my photography website to show off my art, my clients, their family, or business?  I did it and am doing it so that I can connect with my clients and my potential clients.

There is a reason people have started to turn to private photographers instead of large chain studios.  Large studio chains can produce nice clear portraits and pose you in ways that make you look your best. There’s something missing though.  In my opinion, they fail to capture the personality of the family. They may have a basketball for the high school’s star point guard to pose with, but wouldn’t his love for the game come forth if he’s on the court for his session? Standing there in his school colors and his Nikes?  The smell of the gym and listening to the echo of voices and sneakers bouncing off the walls during a shoot could really change the feel of a portrait in itself.  
A photographer her/his client’s relationship is an important one.  A client must trust their photographer, whether they are hiring her/him to shoot their Christmas card picture or a product the business they have poured their blood, sweat, and tears in to.  Every photographer can tell you at least one aspect of running a photography business they may not enjoy or they are not strong in. Portrait and business photographers, all the good ones in my opinion, will tell you one of the most important parts of the business is the connection with their clients and it’s one of the most enjoyable.  
I am not a strong blogger, I don’t have “that way” of writing that is riveting and makes you want to read the archived posts.  I will work at it, however, to connect with you. The more I blog the more of my personality will show, and I hope you will see me in my photos even if I am behind the camera. 

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